Create the perfect brand
for your business

Just as buying a home is an emotional experience, so too is the connection your customers need to have with your business before they buy. It’s up to you to communicate what your business stands for and who it’s here to serve, starting with the first thing people see – your brand.

It’s all about personality
Every business needs its own distinctive brand – a ‘personality’ that your customers can identify with. For instance, is your business young and fun, or more corporate and reserved? Exceptional branding will answer that question in an instant, and a critical component of your overall business brand is your logo – a simple, visual image that makes your company easily recognisable.

Different types of logos
Choosing a logo for your business can be a daunting task. After all, it’s your logo that will make that all-important first impression, build loyalty, and inspire trust.
To get you started, there are three types of logo designs to consider: Font-based logos such as Sony, logos that communicate what a business actually does, and an abstract visual logo such as the Nike ‘tick’.

Your logo must-haves
Regardless of your preferred logo type, every successful logo design must be simple and functional (keep the cost of printing in mind when making your color selection), make a memorable impression, stand the test of time, be appropriate to the business it’s representing, and display versatility across a range of marketing materials.

Design with Flare
A talented graphic designer will be able to transfer your key business message into a powerful brand for your company. So it’s important that you choose a design professional with a good understanding of your business, knowledge of your competition, an eye for detail, and an impressive portfolio of design work to their credit.

Flare Media has created countless logos for companies throughout New Zealand – so if you’re starting a new business or looking to refresh your existing branding, please contact us today.

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Create the perfect brand
for your business

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